Bash in minds! (chic_girl85) wrote in rateyourhamster,
Bash in minds!

For you--
Name: Fallon
Location: Conway and Bentonville (I got to college), AR
Hobbies: reading, LJ, listening to music, watching tv, playing with Ivory

For the Hamster--
Name: Ivory (Mommy named me before finding out I was a boy)
Age (about): Almost a year! yay!
Sex: M
Type/Breed: I don't know, my parents were a mix of Russian Dwarf and something else?
Physical Description: All white with black eyes with a chunk missing from one ear.
Personality Description: I love to run! Put me in my ball and I'll run for hours on end! I also like mom's hand and arm as a running place.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In my tower! Or in my cardboard tube. Or in my nest of fluff. I like to sleep everywhere!
Favorite Toy: Ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball!
Where you Live: In the green summer home or in the big wire cage. Mommy spoils me with two cages!
Your forms of exercise: RUNNNNNNNNNNNING!
Favorite House: I like the green home better, but the wire cage is fun to climb in.
Favorite Food: I love seeds! And the little segments of mandarin oranges Mommy sneaks to me sometime.
Anything Else? I like to run! :)
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Layin' on Mommy!

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Climbing up to my favorite place.

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Eating an orange, yum!

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Trying desperately to figure out how to get up the tube...

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Whatchu' lookin' at?

Sorry about the boldness earlier. Didn't realize what I had done until too late!
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