Elenloth (elenloth) wrote in rateyourhamster,

Another of my hammies for rating :)

For you--
Name: Tuulikki/Elenloth
Location: Finland
Hobbies: Riding, reading, writing, playing with Photoshop, taking care of my three hamsters

For the Hamster--
Name: Tapsu
Age (about): One year and three months
Sex: male
Type/Breed: Winter White Russian Dwarf
Physical Description: Sometimes a bit fat, sometimes not, I am a big cute boy. My agouti fur is dark and more grey-black than grey-brown; sometimes a little greenish touch can be seen Oo
Personality Description: I am not very social - I can't understand what my sister Tikli, who lives in a cage next to mine, sees in sitting mother's lap for ages. I prefer doing my own things, but when people want to take me on their hand, I let them do so and stroke me for a while. I think people are best for climbing, and they're nice because they give food. I love food and eating is my favourite hobby.
Favorite Place to Sleep: My pear house.
Favorite Toy: My running wheel
Where you Live: In a big cage
Your forms of exercise: Running in my wheel, climbin' on my cage's toggles and running around on the floor.
Favorite House: A big ceramic pear
Favorite Food: Everything but those nasty pellets that alone I get when momma thinks I'm too fat >.< Everything else I LOVE.
Anything Else? I guess no.

Who's there? Whoever you are, you are welcome to my place, if you don't eat my carrots. If you do, I go mad.

Hmm, let's see, what's here? Something to eat, perhaps?

Who stupid person has put these things on my way? Now I have to climb over them.

Here I am, next to my pear house. Isn't it wonderful?

I am washing and you know what? I can be perfectly rounded when I want to!

Momma and I are fighting over a piece of food (you see, that tiny yellow thing there). I always win these fights, because if I can't get the treat any other way, I begin to gnaw momma's fingers.

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