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hey :)

For you--
Name: Louise
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Hobbies: Astronomy, drinking tea, taking care of hamsters :D, watching Friends, being outside

For the Hamster--
Name: Peanut
Age (about): 9 months
Sex: Male
Type/Breed: Russian Dwarf
Physical Description:
He has white/light grey fur on belly which goes onto his sides, rest of his fur is a light grey mixed with dark grey & brown (sometimes it goes lighter or goes more brown.. he's like a chameleon lol) & of course a black(ish) stripe along his back.
Personality Description:
Very territorial & tries to attack your finger or anything else that moves (like if I'm offering him a bit of food) in his cage. He's quite cheeky & stands in his sand bowl to peer out his cage & to let me know he wants out (he's learned if he stands there he'll get out, its the only way I can get him out without the risk of getting bit). He's got such a lovely nature when he's out & he'll just sit contentedly while I stroke him & he usually falls aleep on me.
Favorite Place to Sleep:
In the corner of his cage under mounds of tissue paper, or soemtimes inside his log.
Favorite Toy:
I don't know if it counts as a toy, but his sand bowl.
Where you Live:
Ferplast Mini Duna cage
Your forms of exercise:
Running in his wheel (when he gets put in his ball he just sits in the same spot & cleans or falls asleep until I put him back in).
Favorite House: The log.
Favorite Food: Honey & nut sticks.
Anything Else? Nope!


when I first got him.. look how tiny he was!

in his sandbowl

"hey what you're doing?!" (sorry it's blurry)

he looks so alert lol

with his brother Muffin who sadly died a few months after I got them (I often wonder if Peanut misses him or gets lonely)
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