Sisters (blazerjr) wrote in rateyourhamster,

New(Previous) Hamster for rating

Hey I would just like to let you all know, that I was formally shining_star01, who was the creator of this community. I would like to be re-admited, and maybe, if possiable added to be a co-moderator, since I created this community!

For you--
Name: Megan
Location: Michigan
Hobbies: Tennis, baseball, hanging out with friends

For the Hamster--
Name: Bailey
Age (about): 1 year
Sex: Female
Type/Breed: Dwarf
Physical Description: She has a white stomach, tan body and a black stripe in the middle of her back
Personality Description: She sleeps all the time, and as soon as I lay my head on my pillow, she starts running on her squeeky wheel.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In her plastic bed I bought her
Favorite Toy: Her Bed, she sleeps all the time
Where you Live: In my bedroom
Your forms of exercise: My wheel
Favorite House: My plastic bed
Favorite Food: Kaytee Seed Mix
Anything Else?



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