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Meet Spike

For you--
Name: Jessica
Location: Kansas
Hobbies: See previous post ;)

For my baby--
Name: Spike
Age: My birthday is October 30th, I'm almost 5 months old!
Sex: I'm a girl
Type/Breed: I'm a campbells dwarf
Physical Description: I'm agouti colored and I have an itty bitty hole in one of my ears!
Personality Description: I'm a cuddly girl, unless you wake me up! I'll walk right on mamas hand and go play.
Favorite Place to Sleep: I like to sleep under one of my wheels.
Favorite Toy: I looooove running in the wheel, but Jet and I don't take turns very well!
Where you Live: I live in a tub cage with my friend Jet.
Your forms of exercise: I run in my wheel as long as I can, then I like to get out and run around on the bed!
Favorite House: I don't like houses much, just hiding under the wheel.
Favorite Food: My Kaytee hamster pellets, but I reallly love millet!
Anything Else? I had two brothers that mom brought me home with, but they died of respiritory infections just days after coming home. My mommy calls me her Angel because I made it through.
You aren't thinking about waking me up, are you?

I'm gonna get you for that...just as soon as I find a way out of the cage!

Now that I'm out, it's time to explore!

This is my angry face...or is it my silly face? Oh well, so cute ;)

And here is me cuddling with my friend Jet :)

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