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Meet Jet

For you--
Name: Jessica
Location: Kansas
Hobbies: See last post

For my baby--
Name: Jet
Age: My birthday is November 11th, I'm about 4 1/2 months old!
Sex: I'm a girl!
Type/Breed: I'm a campbells dwarf.
Physical Description: I'm black with white on my neck. My dorsal stripe is really dark but the rest of me is starting to silver!
Personality Description: I like to pick fights with mamas hair, I've got to be all the way awake or I'm not very nice!
Favorite Place to Sleep: I like to sleep under the wheel with Spike or in a tube.
Favorite Toy: I like to run in the wheels!
Where you Live: In a tub cage with my friend Spike.
Your forms of exercise: Running in one of my wheels! I like to steal it away when Spike is running!
Favorite House: Sometimes I hide in our house, but usually just under the shavings.
Favorite Food: My Kaytee pellets and millet of course!
Anything Else? I'm on my third try living with Spike. The first two times I started too many fights, but I think I can handle having my friend now!
Just chillin out in the quarantine house.

Come on....I hate the quarantine house!

Please let me out!!!!!

See how cute I am???

Yay, time to play and stuff cheeks!

Dinnertime with Spike!

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9- that is a crazy cage

and i think jet is a "Joe Cool" has to be fully awake or testy- me too, starting fights wtih spike. lets hope the 3rd time's a charm!
10 on pictures! love the last one!!

Joe Cool, since he does start fights and nips
I would say 9 on pictures, and definitely "Joe Cool" since he fights sometimes. =))
9.5 on pictures and your hammie is joe cool!