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Rate Your Hamster

You know you love your hammie, what will others think?

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[ basic information ]

This community is about rating your hamsters. Now originally being rated used to mean prettiest or the best picture. But I am going to take a different take on rating your hamster! We will rate your hamster on both picture and personality. Yes, you read correctly, you will be rated on a scale of 1-10 and on personality scale. So when you get rated you will get two ratings but only one button. If the community chooses to have 2 buttons, I will make a second set
[ rules ]

1. Be polite
2. No rude or offensive ratings or you will be banned immediately
3. I will post the different personality ratings on the userinfo so when you rate you will say both, not one or the other
4. No fake pictures of hamtaro, kung-fu hamster, or the like. Only real hamster pictures.
5. Try to make the picture as clear as possible please
6. If posting more than one picture of your hammie (which I encourage, I love to leave pictures of hammies!), please put the rest under a lj-cut. if you don't know how, go here.
7. Please contact moderator or eventually comoderators with any further questions
8.these are rules, not guidelines.
9.You cannot vote for yourself!
10. Do not ask for a hamster to be rated more than once unless you feel it necessary, if that is the case please contact the moderator by emailing her at cubanangel919@yahoo.com
11. You must have at least 7 ratings to be STAMPED!
[ Apply ]

Please fill out this application and post it.
Maximum 6 pictures
Minimum 2 pictures (we want your hammie to get the best rating ever!)

[ Ratings ]

Scale of 1-10 Ratings
*More Detailed Explanations of why you are choosing that rating*
10- Most beautiful, photogenic hamster you have ever seen in your entire life
09- Pretty close to being the best but something is just not right
08-Great picture, but not the best photogenic hamster you have ever seen
07- Cute picture, but not great
06- Cute at first look, but looking again realized not so cute
05-Pretty good picture
04- Just a good picture, nothing else
03-Just okay
02-Blurry picture
01-Picture is not good enough for rating, if this is what you will rate the hamster, then I would suggest emailing or commenting the person asking for a different more clear picture
Personality Ratings with explanations
*words stolen from baitbunny
Sleeping Beauty (loves the Z's)
Home-Maker (nests and digs all day long)
Vigorous Water-Drinker (downs water all day and night)
Sweet Tooth (gotta have em' treats!)
Star Athlete (round and round the wheel he goes!)
Master Escapist (catch him if you can!)
Momma's Darling (loves to play and cuddle)
Joe Cool (the cool joe who also nips)
The Lover (loves to play with other hamsters)
*will be adding more as people start rating*
[ Stamped Buttons ]

Please save to your own server, use photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, or any other. I do not have enough bandwith space. I will give directions on how to change it to your server and not use mine. If I find out you are hotlinking these images (trust me I will find out). You will be automatically banned and reported to the Livejournal Support Team.
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

Rules for using these banners
1. Save onto your own server
2. Paste into your userinfo
3. Thats it!
[ Theme Weeks ]

After being stamped, what is there to do? PLENTY!
Theme Week Rules:
-You are only allowd to submit ONE picture.
-The picture you submit MUST be of the hamster you were stamped with.
-When posting a submission, your subject needs to say 'Theme Week' so we know the difference hehe
-Once the winner has been chosen, the Winner will need to give the community a new theme week.
-Please post the new theme week in a comment below your entry that say you have won.
-If the theme week you have chosen has not been done before, then it will become our new theme week.
-Moderators are Allowed to Participate.
Winning Buttons for theme week will be made for each theme week, so it is personalized for each person!
[ Your Leader(s) ]

Moderator: cubanangel919
CoModerators: dkpk1986 + melinastar22 + episcopaljew
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hamsters + rateyourdog + rateyourcat
[ Buttons ]

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