Elenloth (elenloth) wrote in rateyourhamster,

New hamster for rating

For you--
Name: Tuulikki (real) Elenloth (internet nick)
Location: Finland (reason for my bad English...)
Hobbies: Riding, reading, writing, playing with Photoshop, taking care of my three hamsters

For the Hamster--
Name: Tikli
Age (about): One year and three months
Sex: female
Type/Breed: Winter White Russian Dwarf
Physical Description: I'm a big (not fat at the moment! Though I used to be), sapphire-colored girl with big black eyes and white spots behind my ears.
Personality Description: Sometimes I am very peaceful and like to lay on my momma's lap and let her stroke my fur - sometimes I actually fall asleep there! But if I don't fall asleep, I may be running crazily around on the floor right next moment. So I'm pretty eventful of nature.
Favorite Place to Sleep: My pumpkin house or momma's lap. Both do well.
Favorite Toy: I don't like toys very much, I prefer climbing the walls and digging in my cage.
Where you Live: In a big terrarium made of glass.
Your forms of exercise: Climbing the walls (I'm a natural genius what it comes to climbing high) and digging in cage. I also like running around on the floor where my mother lets me once a day. I don't have a running wheel at all, because when I had one, I never ran in it, just gnawed it - and momma took it away.
Favorite House: A big ceramic "pumpkin" where I sleep.
Favorite Food: Socks! No, no socks, I don't eat them, just gnaw... well, I love youghurt and everything that's made of it.
Anything Else? I gnaw everything I can get my teeth into, was it made of paper, wood or plastic. I bite my toys (these days my momma gives me only ceramic toys that I can't destroy, that's boring), people's fingers (not often, because they don't like it) and above all, SOCKS! I love socks. No sock is safe when I'm around.


Washing myself in a corner.

I noticed the camera. Hey mother, what are you doing?

I was bathing when a camera - again! - interrupted me.

Only old boring pellets. Momma, can't I get something else to eat?!

Coming out of my pumpkin 'cause I heard sounds. Sounds that meant that my food dish was just filled...

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