Cheri (heycheri) wrote in rateyourhamster,

For you--
Name: Cheri
Location: Sunny California
Hobbies: Art, Photography, and now HAMSTERS!! (Fairly recent, haha!)

For the Hamster--
Pookie C. Sweetie
Age (about):
I don't know!! Maybe a few weeks?
Physical Description:
White band across the center, cinnamon head and bottom, dark cinnamon spots along spine that break the white band. SUPER CUTE!! Hee hee.
Personality Description:
I've only had him since May 3rd, but from what I can see, I just *know* he's going to be lovely. He's quite curious and often responds to my voice (he knows me!). In fact, he comes right up to the glass and sniffs at me, wondering if he can come out and play.
Favorite Place to Sleep:
He used to enjoy sleeping at the top of his tower (made a nest and everything!), but cleaning problems made it hard for me to allow him to sleep there. :( So instead, I bought him a hideaway nest made out of an orange! He seems to like it much better because although he has access to his tower, the orange hideaway nest is more convenient for him. He loooves stuffing it with toilet paper and carefresh bedding. He even hoardes his food inside!
Favorite Toy:
Yellow chewsticks!! YUM! He also enjoys pipes -- what a little explorer!
Where he Lives:
Pookie lives in a "Pink Princess Deluxe Castle". It's sooo cute. I had to get it because pink is my absolute *favorite* color, haaha! He's incredibly happy with his home -- comes with everything!!
Your forms of exercise:
Running around in the bath-tub
Favorite House:
The Pink Princess Deluxe Castle, of course. It's just so cute!! All pink, so it matches my girly needs. :) It's a relatively new development by the SAM brand.
Favorite Food:
Peanuts are DELICIOUS to Pookie.
His favorite brand of food is definitely Forti-Diet, though. I can't believe he likes those nasty-looking pellets more than Vita-Vittles' sunflower seeds and corn! *Sigh*
Anything Else?
Naw. Other than he has wet tail right now and I'm super worried about him. *Sniffle*

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