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Meet Chococat

For you--
Name: Jessica
Location: Kansas
Hobbies: Playing with my hamasters, moderating on forum about hamsters, going to school at the University of Kansas, playing video games, hanging out with friends, working...all the good stuff :)

For my baby--
Name: Chococat, I was named after the Hello Kitty character and my mom and dad call me Choco!
Age: My birthday is August 10, 2005. I am almost 8 months old!
Sex: I'm a girl, but my parents didn't know that until a few weeks after they brought me home.
Type/Breed: Syrian.
Physical Description: I'm a sable syrian hammie and my nails are always too long.
Personality Description: I'm a scaredy cat, I jump at any movement or sound I'm not expecting. But once mama has picked me up I'm a little cuddlebug!
Favorite Place to Sleep: Anywhere that nobody can get me! I hide in my ignoo usually, but sometimes in the 'petting zone' of one of my cages.
Favorite Toy: I looove my CT Revolution! Giant wheels are the best!
Where you Live: I live in a CT2, CT3, CT Revolution and a giant bin cage. I need my exercise afterall!
Your forms of exercise: Running throughout my cages and spending all night in the Revolution.
Favorite House: My igloo and petting zone.
Favorite Food: I love my Kaytee hamster pellets because of how healthy they are - but sometimes mama treats me to millet and a regular mix.
Anything Else? I had a brother, Seiji, but he died last month. I don't miss him too much though because we weren't allowed to live together. Pretty much, I enjoy getting all of mamas attention!
A little overzealous with my banana chips!

Me with my pal, Hello Kitty


I'll just sneak out...

What's going on out there and why am I in here?!

I am not fat! I just like to hide my food from you!

Bones are my favvvvorite treat!

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